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Early Learning Center with a twist 


We are a high quality early learning center with a new twist.

We offer many programs including full day, part day, any-time drop-in service and summer camp.  We are a state certified child care center with highly qualified teachers, maintaining higher ratios to provide more personal attention. We have a very strong curriculum starting from our infant program to our   Pre-K program. We make sure that our kids foster a love of learning and have fun with us. Our extended hours allow flexibility for your busy schedules.  We are also open on Saturday. 

Most families ask us "Are you a Preschool, an Early Learning Center, a Daycare or a Drop-in Center?"

We are all of the above!

A One-Stop Shop for all your child care needs. We are a fusion concept, one that is executed extremely well. We are an Early Learning Center with a strong Pre-K curriculum.  We provide flexible options for you to choose. We send pictures and videos of your children throughout the day. A daily report detailing their activities, snacks, food etc. will be emailed upon pick-up. This helps you stay connected and apprised about your children throughout the day.A beautiful facility with excellent equipment to help children in their growth, and development. 

We are open on most major holidays, snow closing days, and teacher in-service days. 

Our Part time daycare program allows you to use hours throughout the week without having to commit to particular days or times. This helps families that have varied needs and schedule changes at work.



Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday- 6:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m.



Registrations OPEN!


Some factors to think about when choosing a school for your family- 

  1. We have highly qualified staff and a great facility- Providing a great safe, clean environment
    2. Flexibility and Extended hours (Monday to Friday)
    3. You can see what your kids are doing in the school with pictures that you receive through out the day and an electronic daily report giving specif ic details of their day in school.
    4. We are open for most Holidays therefore saving you from the trouble of looking for babysitters, or taking time off therefore more savings 
    5. We offer 3 snacks
    6. Extremely strong curriculum including Montessori for Preschool/PreK 
    7. We have preschool with strong curriculum for young toddlers (2 years old)
    8. Sibling discounts (call for additional specials)
    9. Separate Infant room 
    10. Fun filled days with lots of activities spanning Arts, Crafts, language, science, gardening, maths, fine motor skills, gross motor skills etc
    11. PreK Package- We have a special PreK package for children starting at 9:00am till 12.00 pm 5 days a week 
    Call us at 412-837-2602 for pricing.
  2. We are accepting school age children to do their virtual class at our facility under the guidance of our teachers. Please call us for details. 


Some of our testimonials 


"EXCEPTIONAL!!! My kids were sad when we left each day because we were taking them away from the "SUPERFUN PLACE" and they were making me promise that I would bring them back tomorrow! The two year old told us "to put him back in his vacation" and the four year old made us promise that we would "bring him back tomorrow right away in the morning". A bricks and mortar daycare OPEN ON WEEKENDS AND FAR AFTER HOURS WITH A DROP INS ARE OKAY POLICY... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! AND ON TOP OF THAT WE WERE TOTAL STRANGERS TO THIS PLACE FROM OUT OF TOWN LOOKING FOR 3 DAYS OF NON-COMMITAL HELP WITH OUR KIDS.. READ ON!! My husband and I came from out of town with our two boys ages 2 and 4 looking to go to a several day seminar in downtown Pittsburgh. I have 2 kids and couldn't figure out what to do with them to get to our class. I was afraid to place our children with a "dial a nanny" service hosted by a single person in their home with no checks and balances of what is going in some private offsite space with a total stranger! These are my babies! I was dedicatedly looking for a "bricks and mortar" full daycare facility with several other children and many teachers to help me feel like I had found a safe place for my children while my husband and I were busy with business. This place was outstanding!!! I got pictures all day long on my phone of their activities...and that wasn't all. I got daily reports of what they did or wouldn't eat, an understanding via report of diaper changes so I understand their body rhythms/issues and when to get concerned or not worry, pictures of them doing creative dynamic lessons while they had no idea that they were learning science, geography, engineering, math, physical activity, and sociology!! The staff is EXCEPTIONAL!!! The owner is clearly working beyond the level that most people work to exceed expectations of everyone. Dedication to children and their development as well as assuring parents via clear efforts of transparency of their safety, security, health, nutrition, hydration, and a rounded education through an experience based learning environment was clearly and glaringly fundamental. I have never seen so much transparency into my child's day from any sitter preschool or even their grandparents! But it is true! I am only so sad because ultimately we had to leave and go home to our home town without them. I did not expect to feel this way! I started out looking for a safe place for our kids for our kids to be "short term" for a few days as drop ins while we attended a 3 day seminar. I had looked for a place that they would be safe... and in my hopes at best..mildly entertained. This would have been good enough if we are just talking 3 days. Safe, hydrated, changed, fed, and entertained would have met the level of desperation that actually existed. But we were countered with happy, excited, intelligent, invested, and deeply developed efforts to make sure that our kids learned but didn't know it while they felt like they were in paradise.. Ultimately, I left disappointed wishing that they were next door because my kids could benefit educationally and physically from more access to this place where I am clear that they are safe and having a ball. I will miss this place and I only met them for 3 days frown emoticon I wish that they were in my town too."


Sarah T

  • Willowbrook, IL

Perfect daycare.  My 2 year old son has had a hard time adjusting to daycare before but this daycare was attentive, and the teachers actually seem to love their jobs, so he got a lot of hugs and attention.  The hourly pictures they sent to my mailbox were well appreciated.  The owner is very professional and cares for kids - she treats them all like valued customers and I appreciated that so much.  We only left because we moved out of Pittsburgh.  I whole-heartedly recommend this daycare.

"Gloworms is a very neat, clean, warm place. Our kids loved the teachers, the colors and cannot wait to go back"


"Just wanted to say thank you for taking great care of our kids today. They had a great time! The pictures are so cute"


"Our girls get excited when they learn they are coming here, we are so happy to have found you, thanks"


"My 2 year old counted to 6 for first time and can sing the ABC song, thanks"



 Seeking a well qualified and experienced Assistant teacher to work, part-time, flexibility is key. Please email your resume at

Please call 412-837-2602 with any questions. If you are looking to pick up extra hours and/or make extra income this is the perfect opportunity.


For more information about the PA one Book, Every Young Child project, visit

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Flexi Full/Part time daycare Package

Strong curriculum, higher ratio, more personal attention, extended hours and much more. Gloworms Academy is a child care provider offering flexible service to suit your needs.

Anytime Drop-In

Need to attend an emergency meeting or go to the clinic for checkup? You may entrust your child in our child care center even without prior reservation.

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