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Gloworms Academy

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Phone - 412-837-2602

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are your timings
     Hours of Operation:
       Monday, 6:30 a.m.–8:00 p.m.
       Friday, 6:30 a.m.–12:00 a.m.
       Saturday, 10:30 a.m.–12:00 a.m.
       Sundays are Available for Birthday Parties and Special Event Bookings
  • Must call and hold spot a week in advance for late nights and weekends!


  • Are you open even on regular  school days closings
    Yes, we are open on snow days, holidays, and teacher in-service days


  • Are you a true drop in center
    Yes, you can drop your child any time the facility is open (except Sunday)


  • How long do I have to drop my child
    The minimum time is 1 hr( that means that even if you drop your child for 30 minutes only, we will have to charge you for the whole hour)


  • What are your safety and health features
    • We are a nut free facility
    • We require closed toe shoes for added safety of the child
    • We require updated health check up information
    • We do not accept children who have not been immunized ( as per their age requirements)
    • We ensure clean hand washing
    • Highest standards in diaper changing to ensure clean environment
    • We do regular checks on infants sleeping in cots
    • Cots are always kept clear of any toys, or additional bedding
    • Children will only be discharged to parents or legal guardians after approval of parents
    • We have strong security system and locks to ensure that the children are kept safe and secure
  • Can we come and see the child anytime
    Yes, you can come and check on the child anytime. You may call and check anytime, we strive to give you the utmost comfort


  • How will I get updates on my child
    We have the tadpoles system, this will allow us to send update on your email regularly


  • Do you provide meals
    We provide morning snack, afternoon snack and an evening snack at fixed times. If your child was here at that time, he/she will be provided the snack. We require the meals to be provided from home. We will serve them as needed to the child


  • Do you have transportation
    No! we do not have transportation. We are happy to have the school bus pick up and drop at out facility


  • Are you state licensed
    Yes , we are licensed by the state of PA


  • Staff child ratio
    We keep our ratios as required by the state and usually keep a better ratio keeping the individual needs of the children to provide a better learning experience for them


  • What different programs do you have
    • Infant Program
    • Toddler Program
    • 3-6
    • Before/After School
    • Weekends

    • What elements make up your curriculum
      •  We strive to provide a strong learning platform
      •  Social/personal interactions and growth
      •  GK- here at every step, we try to impart age appropriate general knowledge
      •  World and current affairs- age appropriate
      •  Science
      •  Mathematics
      •  Art/craft and other creative skills
      •  Language and reading skills
      •  Mind and body balance- morning yoga and exercising

    • Does Part-Time flexibility mean I can change schedule every week , week after week?
      • Yes! but with a weeks advance notice. 
      • You must give a regular schedule when you start and then when schedules need to change provide the schedule a week in advance so that we can staff appropriately and maintain ratios. This must be provided to the director. We maintain a high quality center and stand by our policy strictly.


    • What  Should I bring into the facility with my child/children
      • Please bring packed lunch/dinner for lunch/dinner time
      • You may bring in milk or other snacks that the child likes
      • Two extra sets of clothing for change in case of spills etc
      • Diapers /pull ups (if child is not fully potty trained or an infant)
      • Wipes for children in Diapers
      • Milk bottles for Infants and smaller toddlers
      • Sippy cup for drinking water

      • We are a Nut-Free facility therefore please be sensitive to the needs of all children and do not send in any food and drink items that may contain nuts like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches etc.
      • Please label all the items brought from home by first and last name