Anytime Drop-In Child Care & Early Learning Center

Gloworms Academy

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Local: (412) 837-2602
Toll Free: (800)690-4013

9951 Old Perry Highway, Wexford, PA 15090

Children's Rights 

  •  Right to Individual Respect, Dignity, Fairness and Courtesy
  •  Right to a Safe and Secure Environment
  •  Right to Education
  •  Right to Standard of Education and Care
  •  Right to Equality
  •  Right to their Best Interest
  •  Right to be Heard
  •  Right to Freedom of Expression
  •  Right to Freedom of Thought
  •  Right to Freedom of Association
  •  Right to Privacy
  •  Right to Diverse Environment and Creativity
  •  Right to Access appropriate information and a balanced depiction of reality
  •  Right to Access to both Parents

And most importantly...

 The Right to Rest and have Fun!

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Inspired by the UNO