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Gloworms Academy

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Local: (412) 837-2602
Toll Free: (800)690-4013

9951 Old Perry Highway, Wexford, PA 15090

Registration Packet

 The registration papers will be updated shortly. kindly call the center to get new registration paperwork emailed. The new registration paperwork reflects the newer timing and prices. Thank you 


One time /Lifetime Registration fee (non-refundable) for Any Time Drop in program only 

  • 1 Child - $85.00
  • Family- $125.00

Full time/Part time Annual Registration (charged every September 1)

  • 1 Child - $100.00
  • Family - $150.00

Registration fee must be paid before starting any program and at time of enrollment.


Please find our registration packet here. Please call with any questions and clarifications that you may need. Please keep yourself updated on our policies.Current policies supercede any past policies in place at time of registration. 

We reserve the right to change/modify our policies and information in our facility at any time. The current policies will supersede older policies Please keep checking to the changes made to our policies. Our word shall remain final. We try to keep the website and the information on the website most current. You can also call us to verify information.

As per out policy we need a complete registration packet before your child can attend school. You can fill out the forms and email a copy of these for your convenience at

Note: Lifetme Non Refundable registration fee does not mean or imply that your child/children cannot be dismissed from school. There are a number of reasons that can lead to that for example non-payment of fees or tuition, invalid health assessments forms (need to be filled out by physician), violating code of conduct (Shouting/arguing with staff and management, and not following other school policies). The school and management has the final word. Lifetime means that it does not have to paid annually.